Complex Simplicity | #OOTD

Simplicity. Such an interesting word. Acceptable, commendable, even desirable at times. But in all seriousness, why would one ever want to be simple?  The word itself warns you of the repercussions. 

Not I, said the cat. @@I'm far too complex to aim for simplicity.@@ I prefer Complex Simplicity. My favorite quote of all time goes as follows...

Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.
— Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

That quote has always deeply resonated with me, not just personally, but always fashionably!

For example, this look. The color palette and individual pieces may be simple, but there is nothing ordinary about this look. Let me show you how I took simple, ordinary pieces and made them complex, using layers and textures. 

Let's start with the focal point- this ombre fur jacket. This jacket literally gives me life. It's ombre, and it's fur (faux, c'mon!), yet it just dances along the line of doing too much, teasing but never crossing over. 

Coco Note: I love pieces that tease. ;)

Now, to stay on the right side of that line, I needed to pair the jacket with pieces that were simple, but still complimented the look and kept me warm. What's better than cable knit!

Coco Note: Hint: Nothing. 

This long, black cable knit sweater is the perfect understated, neutral and warm item to pair under an ombre fur jacket. A sweater dress, sequins or a gown would also be great options, but it's only Wednesday.

Honestly, these gray jeans are life. They're actually high-waist jeans, but they fit so great that I've been wearing them with anything. Shoutout to Zara, and they were only $20!

Finally, when in boot season, we wear boots. And I got them for $39.99, FTW!

@@Also, what is an ombre fur jacket without leather gloves?@@ Hello.

So what speaks to you? Simplicity? Complexity? Or do you dare to dabble in Complex Simplicity?

Ombre Fur Jacket: Chicwish

Cable-knit Sweater: Qed London

Jeans: Zara

Boots: Shoedazzle

Leather Gloves: Telco