Day 2: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | Working the Hounds

@@Girl you know that I ain't judgin' you, gone & get your money. Baby I salute....@@

As professional working women, we know how hard it can be to maintain respect, time and order, among other things, in our professional lives, while balancing our personal lives. Some days you might walk out of the house looking flawless *'Yonce voice*. Other days, you might have deodorant stripes on your dress, a little bit of spit up on your shoulder or, my personal favorite, toothpaste on your shirt. It's okay, you can still be great.

The work suit is essential to any professional wardrobe, but don't think you have to spend a ton of money or even purchase a full suit all at once. This is a modern take on a suit, using a classic print. I love classic prints because they are so timeless and effortlessly chic. Houndstooth is one of my favorites because it is the epitome of sophistication and, in my humble opinion, best worn in thicker fabrics. 

I don't know about you, but I prefer my classic prints in classic colors. I purchased this pair of pants and this jacket from separate stores at separate times, but because both items are of the same color and print and the prints are of a similar size, they can be worn as a suit. The black and white was almost begging me to throw some color in there. A bright blue (not navy) is always an easy choice against black and white. I chose a simple, collarless button-up to suit the scoop-neckline of this jacket. 

Black pumps, of course, for a professional, bawsy look. For my commuter gals, these can also easily be switched out for a pair of black flats.

Jacket: DressLink

Shirt: Express

Pants: Nine West c/o Macy's

Pumps: Dolce Vita c/o DSW