Pastel Power | Easter Sunday

Jacket: Vintage | Dress: Century 21 | Shoes: Aldo | Purse: Rainbow

After 40 days, 3 consecutive, solemn masses and 2 days of shopping, we finally made it here. Easter Sunday.

Easter might just be my favorite religious holiday, because it feels a lot like New Years. There's a lot of prep, resolution-making and even a countdown. And at the end of it all, you feel brand new.... washed clean.

It's been a tradition of mine to don a new dress or outfit every year. Not just because fashion is life, but because just like after a shower, when you're washed clean you can't put on the same clothes. When you're washed clean in the Blood on Easter Sunday, you can't be the same person.

I can't say my wardrobe has the most extensive collection of colors, but I almost always gravitate towards pastels for Easter Sunday. This year, I was going for a light, flirty, sophisticated and fun look and this lilac number was IT. The double layer of ruffles takes what would be a mundane church or work dress and makes it a statement piece. I love that it still has 3/4-length sleeves and a jewel neckline, which makes it perfectly appropriate for church, and even work. 

Since the hue of this dress is so muted, it presented the opportunity to pair with similar tones in different colors, and a statement shoe in the same color family! This jacket is one of my favorites, because of the elaborate gold, cream and pink pattern. It's just enough to add another layer of sophistication and detail to the look, without overpowering the true star of this look, the dress.

I decided to go with a shoe in a brighter, richer tone to give this look some depth. By keeping the shoe in the same color family as the dress, I was able to play with color and add depth to the outfit, without overwhelming myself and the look itself. 

I found this cute, vintage-inspired, gold and white box purse and immediately fell in love. I knew it would be the perfect addition to this outfit, as it had the same fun, elaborate but sophisticated look. 

What did you wear on Easter Sunday?