Golden Glory

Let me tell y’all bout this gold dress.

Now, some people may feel that this dress makes me look like a gold Christmas ornament— and I agree, to an extent— BUT got dayum I feel amazing! (Kendrick Lamar voice)

This dress is the epitome of birthday dresses. From the deep V-neck, to the dark gold color, to the length and, let us not forget, the SEQUINS!

I usually hate sequins, but the dark gold color somehow made me forgive the drag queen potential of this particular mini dress. The sequins are almost bronze and the dress is lined with a thick material that kept me from getting itchy all night. 

Coco Note: Sequins make me VERY itchy. May or may not be in my head.

My FAVORITE part of this dress is that it looks so expensive but was only $40!! Y’all don’t really hear me though!

I paired this dress with what have become my favorite heels (can you tell?), my ZigiNY Bubles . The bronze snake around the ankle was just enough for this dress. 

Now here’s a HUGE Coco Note for you guys when wearing sequins:

Here’s your chance to SKIP the jewelry! Think about it, your entire body is covered in sparkle right now! When wearing sequins or metallics, KISS! Keep It Simple Sista! Hair, Make-Up, Accessories— keep it simple!

I wore simple diamond (yea, iight) studs and gold rings and a high messy-ish bun, but opted out of the necklace. I don’t really like to carry a purse when partying so I went out sans clutch ;)

To boss up this look even more (if at all possible), I wore my new camel coat from H&M! Although it doesn’t have the exaggerated lapels that are on trend for this season, the menswear vibe of this coat is just what I was looking for. 

Coco Note: I may still get another one for this season. Don’t judge. 

Dress: Madrag

Coat: H&M (also in black)

Rings: H&M

Shoes: ZigiNY

What’s your go-to look for birthdays and/or holidays and special occasions? Comment below or leave a photo!