Oh, Flore! Cropped Tube Set

Two-Piece Set: Castle Black NY | Shoes: Christian Louboutin

"You was in La Marina all summer"

That's not quite the case, but I did finally make it to Loso's favorite NYC hotspot this summer! I've been meaning to hit up Dyckman's infamous beach lounge for a few years, and this summer presented me with the perfect excuse.

Which became the perfect reason to wear this outfit. Duh.

A few people warned me about the sand situation, but I was already committed to wearing this outfit. 

Coco Note: Who knew it would be an actual beach? 

I hadn't scratched my floral itch yet and the tube-crop top trend had completely sucked me in, so I was wearing this 'fit if it killed me. Also, who doesn't love an all-over print in a crop top and high-waist skinny pant? It's all about the way you do it! 

I used to hate floral print, until I discovered the best and easiest way to rock floral! You can do it too, just follow my guidelines!

These glitter Louboutins are probably my favorite (and most uncomfortable) shoes of all time. I love picking out the least obvious tone in a multi-color print to accessorize with, and in this case gray was it. But don't worry, I heeded Cardi's warning and left the expensive Red Bottoms #BloodyShoes in exchange for comfortable slides!