Rose Gold Satin Scorpio Season Drip

Do you know what today isssssssss?

It’s kind of an anniversary, no? It’s the 1st day of Scorpio Season!

I’m gonna be honest with you guys… I love Scorpio Season. I feel the best, which usually means I look the best. And with my 27th birthday in a little less than 2 weeks, I can honestly say this has been an amazing year.

This look pretty much channels all of the feelings currently running through my body. One of my favorite styling tips is to mix textures when choosing outfits, especially in the Fall and Winter months when you can layer pieces and really add dimension to your look!

Here, we have a lot going on. But mixing textures in similar tones and hues is less intimidating and makes for a more seamless look. In the Fall and Winter, the juxtaposition of delicate fabrics like satin, silk, tulle and charmeuse against textured fabrics like leather and fur is to die for! And, it really speaks to the true nature of a Scorpio: soft and hard, structured and loose, girly and tomboy, all at the same damn time. Expect the unexpected.

In today’s look, I’m pairing a satin button up with a pair of satin joggers, in the same rose gold/copper tones. Since Burgundy is in the same family, I decided to build on the monotony of the foundation and add some dimension with color and texture. Hello, faux fur.

Now, although we have different textures and silhouettes to play with, nothing is really popping out. Enter, leopard print booties. Don’t forget, leopard print is still a neutral! Although leopard print on its own is a standout print, it still doesn’t overpower a look, but rather, adds value to it. Goals or nah?