Sunday Funday: Draped Edition

This Sunday I took a trip to the movies with a friend. I wanted to be comfortable, but still well-put together and chic. The draped high-low top is a huge trend this season, so I decided to try it out with this top from MadRag. 

The faux-wrap style of this blouse gives me a little boost in the boobage department. This style allows you to control how much or how little cleavage is shown. You can wear it loose with a cami, lace bralet or bra top peeking through or, like I did, pulled close together.

Coco Note: I strongly suggest a really good bra with this top. A great outfit starts underneath your clothes! And yes, I did have to pin the front a bit. I’m a founding member of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee), sue me! 

This version of the high-low draped top isn’t too revealing up front and doesn’t go too far past the derrière in the back so it’s great for a trial run. It came in black, red and taupe, but I decided to go with the taupe. I usually like to go with a neutral when i’m trying out a new style. 

I decided on black jeans instead of leggings for this top, since the front is a bit short. Jeans are a little sturdier and thicker, if ya know what I mean,

I wore these tan lace-up booties from MadRag. Booties are great for those casual outfits that you want to jazz up a bit without doing too much. (Ladies, you know we are known to do too much!). So when he says “get dressed” but you have no idea where you’re headed, grab a comfortable and cute pair of booties! The small and thick heel is comfortable, but gives you that extra boost for your booty and your posture! ;)

What does your go-to Fall Date Night outfit consist of? Comment below with a picture!