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Basic?! B*&$% Where? | #AllBlack #OOTD

Somebody said this look was basic. 

I know what you're thinking, how dare they, right? Relax, that's not what they meant! Given the new stigma against the word "basic," when discussing essential wardrobe pieces, I propose we make a change! I prefer "staple," "necessity," or, my personal favorite, "basis."

Your "basic" clothing items are the basis of your wardrobe. In this look, I combined a few basic pieces to create an easy, winter look.

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Refined Grunge

As it gets cooler and the mornings get darker, I find myself drawn to darker and thicker fabrics. Let’s call this look “Refined Grunge.”

When I think of grunge, I think dark colors and faded denim. Believe it or not, these jeans were once black. While some see faded black jeans as a negative, I love the semi-worn look, especially for an outfit like this. The slightly graying seams almost looks purposely done. And you don’t  have to spend money on an expensive pair of jeans to get this look…..just wash your black jeans a few times!

Coco Note: I’m serious.

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