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Fall Work Lookbook | Black Trousers + Green Cardigan

Oh black trousers, you forgotten child of fashion.

Why do we fail to acknowledge the importance of the one article of the clothing that is the most versatile and basic wardrobe essential? The very simplicity of it that makes us overlook a pair of black trousers is the very reason why it's so necessary. Regardless of your job title or industry, every woman should own the right pair of tailored black pants.

Coco Note: Keyword: tailored. If they didn't fit you quite well but you bought them anyway, we CAN fix that.

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Day 17: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | Staff Meeting Woes

The only thing worse than a Monday is a staff meeting. 

Nonetheless, we show up and WE show out. Staff meetings are the perfect time to pull out the work clothes you've been saving for a day you actually have to be dressed appropriately. You don't want to be the one in jeans, but you also don't want to show up in a full suit, looking like you tried way too hard.

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Day 11: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | Pope's Back.

Pope's Back. 

I've never been happier to see Thursday. I don't know about you, but I stand with Liv. Today, I'm repping my set.

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Day 9: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | The 2 C's to Lazy Slayage

If we're being quite honest, everyday isn't going to be a complete SlayDay. Thankfully, there is such thing as a Lazy Slay, and it's pretty easy to achieve. Here are the 2 C's to easily achieving lazy slayage: 

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Day 4: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | Maxi Dress + Gray Cardigan | 3 Ways to Winterize Your Maxi

You know those summer days where you're really not in the mood to put a whole outfit together and a romper just doesn't seem appealing? You know how you go straight for that super comfortable AND cute maxi dress that seems to work every time? 

Yea, it's one of those days. Except it's February. 

Yesterday I was asked if it would be appropriate to wear a maxi dress in the pseudo-spring we're currently experiencing. Why can't we rock our simple and sexy maxi dresses in the winter? @@Who makes the rules around here? ::NEWS FLASH:: You do.@@ Wear that maxi, girl.

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Tuesday BLUEsday

Is it Friday yet?……. No seriously, is it?!

It’s not quite Casual Friday yet, but I took some casual elements & combined them with structured professional pieces to create today’s ensemble.

These navy blue pants are what really keeps this outfit work-appropriate.

Coco Note: Navy blue is pretty much a neutral (let’s be real) & a neutral on the bottom really grounds an outfit. Since I wear so much black, I love having an alternative dark neutral like navy blue every once-in-a-while.

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