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Swank Blue. Not only the name of the label of this skirt, but also a great way to describe this look.

This past weekend I attended my very first themed brunch. Not your average Candyland or Alice in Wonderland theme, but a Kate Spade theme! Guests were asked to wear prints like floral, polka dot, striped and paisley, and/ or pastel colors. Now being that I am already lacking in the print and pastel area of my wardrobe, the cool weather we’ve been experiencing in the mornings and early afternoons made this task especially difficult.

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Central Park West

Floppy hats are one of my favorite year-round accessories! They come in many sizes, colors and textures that make them appropriate through all the seasons. I love a good LARGE straw floppy hat in the summer (a MUST for vacations!) and a smaller wool floppy hat in the fall and winter.

In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than a floppy hat and leather. Nothing. 

Unless you add leopard print and a brownie. Which, of course, I did. You're welcome. 

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