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Mixing Prints with Black & White WindowPane and Houndstooth

As a working woman with multiple jobs, I need a wardrobe that fits my style AND my lifestyle. Which is exactly why I prefer to focus on pieces that are easy to wear and feature neutral tones or prints. This makes them super easy to pair with my more…dramatic pieces, giving my wardrobe versatility and practicality. Remember, we want to be fabulous AND functional.

In today’s look, I’m kissing cousins once again!

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The 4th Quarter | Get Jiggy With It

Welcome to the 4th Quarter. Apply pressure.

There's something about the 4th Quarter, the last 3 months of the year, that applies, and forces me to apply, an undeniable pressure. It might be the changing seasons, the fact that I was born right in the middle of it or the impending end of the year. Regardless of your motivation, the 4th Quarter is where the game is won. Get in, and apply pressure.

That's exactly what we're doing right hurr.

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Fall Work Lookbook | Leopard Print Skirt

I've said it before. I'll say it again. Leopard print is a neutral. 

Coco Note: Don't debate me.

As professional women, one of our (many) office struggles is often appropriate work outfits that don't make getting dressed for the office a daunting task. I mean, your wardrobe should not suck the life out of you. Should you have to sacrifice style for status? Absolutely not. 

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Fall Work Outfit | Boohoo Windowpane Shirt Dress

Y'all. Fall is so close I can smell the Chai.

What would a week of work outfits be without a dress? As we move into the autumn season, I'm trying a different style of dress- the shirt dress. Shirt dresses are one of my favorite styles, because they're super easy to dress up or down, and either way, they look extremely sophisticated.

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