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Fall Work Lookbook | Leopard Print Skirt

I've said it before. I'll say it again. Leopard print is a neutral. 

Coco Note: Don't debate me.

As professional women, one of our (many) office struggles is often appropriate work outfits that don't make getting dressed for the office a daunting task. I mean, your wardrobe should not suck the life out of you. Should you have to sacrifice style for status? Absolutely not. 

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Day 4: #iSlayAllMay | leopard-print cape + OTK boots

As much as I love black-on-black, it can get pretty monotonous. One easy way to break up the monotony is by adding a neutral, or a print in a similar color. This is a perfect on-the-go, easy but polished look.

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Day 2: #iSlayAllMay | pink fuzzy skirt + off-the-shoulder sweater

All black and a pop of pastel, where have we seen this before? Yes, I know: Real original, Coco. 

I'm a firm believer that one of the basic rules of thumb when it comes to slaying consistently is keeping it simple. I like working with a simple color palette or simple textures and finding ways to make them pop.

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Matching Set + Bandage Top | #MarchMadness

I love coordinates. The idea and look of a matching set, or a monotone look, has always been appealing to me. Much like a romper, its an effortless outfit. 

However, matching sets can get redundant and expensive. They all come in pretty much the same styles and materials. It can also be difficult to find pieces in the same color and tone for a monotone look. 

Here, I'm pairing two separate pieces to create a semi-matching, semi-monotone set.

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White Dress, Long Pink Knit Cardigan, OTK Boots | Transitional Mondays | #MarchMadness

Have you seen the forecast for this week?

Come through, spring. Come through.

I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but this weather has me ready to pack up all the fur and make room for denim jackets and light trench coats. 

Coco Note: The leather stays. It's transitional. 

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Day 4: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | Maxi Dress + Gray Cardigan | 3 Ways to Winterize Your Maxi

You know those summer days where you're really not in the mood to put a whole outfit together and a romper just doesn't seem appealing? You know how you go straight for that super comfortable AND cute maxi dress that seems to work every time? 

Yea, it's one of those days. Except it's February. 

Yesterday I was asked if it would be appropriate to wear a maxi dress in the pseudo-spring we're currently experiencing. Why can't we rock our simple and sexy maxi dresses in the winter? @@Who makes the rules around here? ::NEWS FLASH:: You do.@@ Wear that maxi, girl.

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Complex Simplicity | #OOTD

Simplicity. Such an interesting word. Acceptable, commendable, even desirable at times. But in all seriousness, why would one ever want to be simple?  The word itself warns you of the repercussions. 

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Mother Nature is back with a vengeance. It. Is. Cold. 

I don't know about you, but when I hear cold weather I think of onions. 

Okay, so what I really mean is, I think of layers. It seems like labels aren't putting out warm fabrics for afforable prices, and it's not too often that you find cashmere on clearance. So during the winter months, I always start of my look with basics: a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of leggings. 

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Debunking the Myths of Fashion: Personal Style

There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to personal style. While the majority of these myths are derived from old fashion laws, magazines or even icons, many are self-imposed. Here are just a few ways you can find your personal style, without limiting yourself!

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