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Diplomatic Immunity - #MLKweekend | Printed Set

At this current moment, the end of one of the busiest and most hectic weekends I've had in a long time, I feel the most blessed and grateful. Not because it's over, but because I was there.

Gearing up for the launch of Rupture Marketing, of which I am a co-founder, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to work with the Embassy to Haiti. After 20 hours of work and packing, 4 hours of driving, 3 rest stops and a 30-minute nap at a service area in Maryland, I arrived and dove into a packed schedule and a busy city. I went straight to work.

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Fall Work Lookbook | Leopard Print Skirt

I've said it before. I'll say it again. Leopard print is a neutral. 

Coco Note: Don't debate me.

As professional women, one of our (many) office struggles is often appropriate work outfits that don't make getting dressed for the office a daunting task. I mean, your wardrobe should not suck the life out of you. Should you have to sacrifice style for status? Absolutely not. 

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Color and Neutral Fall Work Lookbook | Versicolor Closet x The Coco Gawdess

Fall is just around the corner, and while some of you of gearing up to go back to school, I know many of you are preparing to start internships or just revamping your professional wardrobe for Fall.

Myself and my beautiful friend Edwina of Versicolor Closet partnered to give you 4 work outfits using Dresses, Skirts, Trousers and Jumpsuits. Edwina is pretty much a color expert and provided 4 easy ways to add color into your work wardrobe, while I stuck to the neutrals. 

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summer: is it over yet? | lime green + gray

Dear summer, go away.

Okay, so I might've gotten a little carried away with the long-sleeves in yesterday's look, but oh well. Sorry, not sorry. 

Mother Nature, bring on the Sweater Weather.

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TEAL Duster + #TargetStyle windowpane print pants

I hope you've all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend filled with lots of love, sunshine and R&R.

Now, let's get to work

Welcome to the Final Third.

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Pre-Fall Colour Pop | floral print pencil skirt + cropped sweater

I can't lie to you guys, I'm super excited for fall. Maybe it's because I'm a fall baby, but I always feel like I'm in my prime when the leaves start to fall. Although it's still pretty hot here in NY, I decided I'd channel some fall energy and go for a pre-fall inspired look today. 

As a 9-5er (or something like that....who really sticks to those hours these days?), I sometimes struggle with finding outfits for the office that are appropriate but still interesting and really cute. So taking note from my favorite blog for color inspiration, Versicolor Closet, I decided to add some color into my work wardrobe.

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printed tunic dress + chunky heels | #iSlayAllMay

Spring has finally sprung and it's time for tunics. There are many mornings where I find myself late to work or unwilling to iron, and I call these my tunic days. I love tunics because they are effortlessly chic. They come in great prints and fabrics and are usually on-stop-shop pieces, like rompers and jumpsuits, meaning a complete outfit only missing accessories!

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Day 18: #iSlayAllMay | camo bodysuit + gold metallic midi skirt

I have a strong feeling I’m going to be living in midi skirts this spring and summer. This is a really easy and simple version of a midi skirt and bodysuit outfit, done with a print. 

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Day 11: #iSlayAllMay | printed shift dress + gladiator sandals

Come through Mr. Sun, come through. How I've missed your love. 

It's a calm 70 degrees out today, and I am taking full advantage. This breezy, lightweight shift dress was made for this weather. The silk-like material is perfect for warm days, and you can easily throw on a cardigan or sweater (I would do navy blue in this case). If you're not a fan of floral, try another plant print like trees or leaves. I predict plant and fruit prints to be huge this spring and summer (thanks, Beyonce!). 

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Day 7: #iSlayAllMay | #CocktailsWithClaire

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending another event hosted by Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, Cocktails with Claire; this time in collaboration with Miss Diddy. Think Fashions Night Out x Drinks x Food. 

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Day 6: #iSlayAllMay | leather pants + caged sandals

Who says you can't wear sandals in the rain? Not I, said the cat. This is my ideal Friday workday outfit. Essentially, a leather suit and badass shoes.

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Day 4: #iSlayAllMay | leopard-print cape + OTK boots

As much as I love black-on-black, it can get pretty monotonous. One easy way to break up the monotony is by adding a neutral, or a print in a similar color. This is a perfect on-the-go, easy but polished look.

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Day 3: #iSlayAllMay | purple coat + leather pencil skirt

After a less-than-productive start to this week, the only thing to do is to BOSS UP on Tuesday. I don't know about you, but dressing the part always helps me kick things into motion.

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Day 2: #iSlayAllMay | pink fuzzy skirt + off-the-shoulder sweater

All black and a pop of pastel, where have we seen this before? Yes, I know: Real original, Coco. 

I'm a firm believer that one of the basic rules of thumb when it comes to slaying consistently is keeping it simple. I like working with a simple color palette or simple textures and finding ways to make them pop.

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Suede Pants + Flared Sleeves | Modern 70s-Inspired #OOTD

I had the pleasure of attending an art exhibition curated by Ms. Lauryn Hill, in collaboration with Haitian Cultural Exchange, MoCADA and Nader Haitian Art. The Diaspora Calling! exhibit was held in the lobby of the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. I may be biased, but Haitian art is my favorite art- the colors, themes and vibrancy are unmatched. The beautiful gold and red old-Hollywood style of the theatre was like an art piece in itself, with opera house and palace-like elements at every turn. 

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Matching Set + Bandage Top | #MarchMadness

I love coordinates. The idea and look of a matching set, or a monotone look, has always been appealing to me. Much like a romper, its an effortless outfit. 

However, matching sets can get redundant and expensive. They all come in pretty much the same styles and materials. It can also be difficult to find pieces in the same color and tone for a monotone look. 

Here, I'm pairing two separate pieces to create a semi-matching, semi-monotone set.

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Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman: Striped Top + Camo Pants | #MarchMadness

This 70+ degree weather has me literally jumping for joy. 

Could it be the end of dry skin, eskimo gear and layering? I'm not sure what Mother Nature has up her sleeve for the next few weeks, but i'm enjoying what she's dishing out now. Including the fact that I don't need a jacket today.

Damn Delfine, Back at it Again with the White Chucks!

Yepp, I have a feeling these are going to get a lot of wear this season!

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Day 22: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | Conquering Monday: Black Blouse + Leather Skirt

t's Monday, and surprisingly, i'm still managing to be on Cloud 9 today.

When I feel like I need to seize the day, I tend to go for black. @@When I feel like I need to conquer the day, I go for black leather.@@ This black leather skirt is probably my favorite and most-worn thrift store find. It's also my oldest, from my very first thrifting experience!

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