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Green Caged Sandals and a Bomber Jacket

"50 inch screen, money green leather sofa..."

That's what I thought of when I walked out with this outfit on. 

We often associate green with colder seasons, like Winter and Fall, but it's a great color to help transition your wardrobe and style into the warmer seasons. It is pretty warm in NYC this weekend, but since we aren't out of the clear just yet, I decided to layer this look a bit more.

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Fall Work Lookbook | Black Trousers + Green Cardigan

Oh black trousers, you forgotten child of fashion.

Why do we fail to acknowledge the importance of the one article of the clothing that is the most versatile and basic wardrobe essential? The very simplicity of it that makes us overlook a pair of black trousers is the very reason why it's so necessary. Regardless of your job title or industry, every woman should own the right pair of tailored black pants.

Coco Note: Keyword: tailored. If they didn't fit you quite well but you bought them anyway, we CAN fix that.

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summer: is it over yet? | lime green + gray

Dear summer, go away.

Okay, so I might've gotten a little carried away with the long-sleeves in yesterday's look, but oh well. Sorry, not sorry. 

Mother Nature, bring on the Sweater Weather.

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Gala Green

It’s Gala season!

I had the pleasure of attending the Haitian- Americans United for Progress (HAUP), Inc 39th Annual Anniversary Gala this past weekend, the first of the season!. It was a big deal for me, since I’ve working with the organization for almost 10 years and I was the emcee for last year’s gala!

I opted for a midi-length dress instead of a floor length gown. I’ve had this dress sitting in my closer for a few months now and I thought this event would be the perfect time to wear it.

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Oh, Hello Autumn :)

Today’s ‘fit was the perfect way to usher in the autumn season. Since I’m not quite ready for boot season yet and I’m an all-year-round sweater weather kinda girl, I opted for this light throw-and-go dress.

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