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summer: is it over yet? | lime green + gray

Dear summer, go away.

Okay, so I might've gotten a little carried away with the long-sleeves in yesterday's look, but oh well. Sorry, not sorry. 

Mother Nature, bring on the Sweater Weather.

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Coco Visions: Lime Crime

Since today is Thursday, it’s only right that we take it way back…..back to last month that is.

It’s been so muggy this week and will be raining this weekend, so for this first installment of Coco’s Visions I wanted to be a little nostalgic and show you guys one of my favorite looks from this summer.

My cousin’s wedding was Labor Day weekend so, naturally, I spent the entire summer searching for a dress to wear. I knew I wanted a dress (or matching set) in a bright color, since it was a young couple and a summer wedding. I also wanted something long (despite by height— or lack there of) and I wanted it to be sexy!

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