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How to Wear All-White to A Wedding | #TheManeEvent

I've always been a fan of both Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir, so I'm definitely in favor of this union. While I would die before I let a guest wear a drop of white on my wedding day, I admire Keyshia for taking the Knowles-route (both Beyonce and Solange had attendees dress in all-white). I live to see people of chocolate in all-white. 

Can you imagine being in that room? I can, and here's what I would be wearing if I was. 

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Angles | Gold + Lace Embroidered Cocktail Dress

I have a saying that I pretty much live by. It's my go-to response when people tell me that I seem to be "living the life," but also a reminder to myself.

*cue Kendrick Lamar, Humble*

It isn't a new concept, but in today's era of Social Media and doing what I do, putting it this way really makes the overall message relatable.

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