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Mixing Prints with Black & White WindowPane and Houndstooth

As a working woman with multiple jobs, I need a wardrobe that fits my style AND my lifestyle. Which is exactly why I prefer to focus on pieces that are easy to wear and feature neutral tones or prints. This makes them super easy to pair with my more…dramatic pieces, giving my wardrobe versatility and practicality. Remember, we want to be fabulous AND functional.

In today’s look, I’m kissing cousins once again!

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2 Ways to Mix Prints as a Beginner: Stripes on Stripes

The number one complaint I always hear from people when it comes to diversifying their outfits is how difficult mixing prints can be. Everyone wants to do it, but for some reason, not everyone can. Here's the one secret to mixing prints that will help you master print-pairing. 

Keep it in the family.

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