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summer: is it over yet? | lime green + gray

Dear summer, go away.

Okay, so I might've gotten a little carried away with the long-sleeves in yesterday's look, but oh well. Sorry, not sorry. 

Mother Nature, bring on the Sweater Weather.

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Pre-Fall Colour Pop | floral print pencil skirt + cropped sweater

I can't lie to you guys, I'm super excited for fall. Maybe it's because I'm a fall baby, but I always feel like I'm in my prime when the leaves start to fall. Although it's still pretty hot here in NY, I decided I'd channel some fall energy and go for a pre-fall inspired look today. 

As a 9-5er (or something like that....who really sticks to those hours these days?), I sometimes struggle with finding outfits for the office that are appropriate but still interesting and really cute. So taking note from my favorite blog for color inspiration, Versicolor Closet, I decided to add some color into my work wardrobe.

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