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Fall Work Outfit | Boohoo Windowpane Shirt Dress

Y'all. Fall is so close I can smell the Chai.

What would a week of work outfits be without a dress? As we move into the autumn season, I'm trying a different style of dress- the shirt dress. Shirt dresses are one of my favorite styles, because they're super easy to dress up or down, and either way, they look extremely sophisticated.

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Day 1: #21DaysOfCoco #SlayingIsAHabit | Work Dress

I thought we'd start this challenge off reallllllll slow. If you're subscribed to the email list, you know that today's Item Of The Day is the Work Dress! Last night, I sent out the Item Of The Day with 4 different options for the Work Dress, for a variety of office types, and 4 ways to wear them. That means my subscribers got 4 easy outfits that they could replicate.

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Day 25: #MakingFebruaryFabulous | Back and Better: Houndstooth Coat + Black Trousers

Day 25?! Wait. How did we get here?

This is a look inspired by Olivia's Prada houndstooth coat in Episode 9 of Season 4, Where the Sun Don't Shine.

Although this is a very simple look, it definitely makes a statement. As I mentioned before, houndstooth is a classic print and a wardrobe staple. It is, in my opinion, the most sophisticated print. When working with classic prints, you want to stick to classic silhouettes. I love that this particular coat features a crew neck collar.

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