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Where Is Fall? | Printed trouser + Tunic Shirt


By now we should be knee-deep in knee-highs and wrapping ourselves in the thickest knit sweaters mankind has ever known. Instead, it's 80 degrees and I for one, am confused. For lack of a better (less-offensive) term, this Indian summer is not for me. Mother Nature, you're playing games. 

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summer: is it over yet? | lime green + gray

Dear summer, go away.

Okay, so I might've gotten a little carried away with the long-sleeves in yesterday's look, but oh well. Sorry, not sorry. 

Mother Nature, bring on the Sweater Weather.

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printed tunic dress + chunky heels | #iSlayAllMay

Spring has finally sprung and it's time for tunics. There are many mornings where I find myself late to work or unwilling to iron, and I call these my tunic days. I love tunics because they are effortlessly chic. They come in great prints and fabrics and are usually on-stop-shop pieces, like rompers and jumpsuits, meaning a complete outfit only missing accessories!

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Day 3: #iSlayAllMay | purple coat + leather pencil skirt

After a less-than-productive start to this week, the only thing to do is to BOSS UP on Tuesday. I don't know about you, but dressing the part always helps me kick things into motion.

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