TEAL Duster + #TargetStyle windowpane print pants

Vest/Duster: MissGuided | Bodysuit: Boohoo | Pants: Target (similar) | Shoes: MissGuided

I hope you've all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend filled with lots of love, sunshine and R&R.

Now, let's get to work

Welcome to the Final Third.

It may not be Monday, but it's the first day after a long weekend, which means we need an outfit that's strong enough to fight the work-week woes. Whether you've been putting in those hours all summer or you're just getting back to work after months of "vacation," this week can set the tone for the rest of the season.

Coco Note: This goes for my back-to-schoolers too.

I love Target and like almost every other human in America, I always come in with way more than I went in for, including this pair of pants. When it comes to transitioning work-wear from summer to fall, a good trouser is the way to go. I especially love chino-style trousers because the length is perfect for flats or showing off pumps and strappy shoes, since it's not quite boot season yet.

The windowpane print of these trousers is just enough print for the workplace and has a very smart and sophisticated feel. I decided to keep it super simple with a white, long-sleeved v-neck. You really can't go wrong with one of these. 

Coco Note: Phew, so glad we nixed that rule about wearing white after Labor Day.

Black and white is obviously one of my favorite color combinations and I love to pair it with a subtle pop of color or detail. In this case, the sleeveless, teal duster perfectly compliments the trouser, which is giving off a menswear vibe (you know I love that!). I love jewel-toned hues because they are rich in color, but aren't super bright-- perfect for transitioning into Fall. I decided to go with silver and gray accessories.

Since the windowpane print looks almost gray, I thought these laced-up booties would be the perfect addition. The pointed toe and laces also give off a menswear vibe. 

How are you starting out this #FinalThird?