Get Together? What?!

Get together.

Don't you just love those words? Umm, or nah?

I'm sure I'm not the only girl in the world (Hi Rihanna!) who cringes when she hears "I'm having a get together..." followed by a string of non-clarifying words. Honestly folks, I don't think anyone knows what a "get together" is. 

In the cooler months, you're more likely to hear this term, which refers to a small gathering of people, because, let's face it, no one likes to go out in the cold and getting a bunch of friends to cram together in someone's living room or a tiny NYC apartment is the next best thing. 

For these events, I usually like to balance casual with chic, especially if I don't know the crowd. For this particular get together, I chose to wear my cognac booties. Booties are a great option because you can play around with the heel height and style to keep it casual, but still add a little height and dimension.

Coco Note: I would stick to a 2-3 inch heel for a casual get together. Lace-up combat style booties are perfect because they have just enough of a heel, but have a worn-in, casual look. If you know it's going to be more of a party, you can go for a higher heel or a dressier finish or type, like a black leather stiletto or pointed toe boot.


I've surprisingly found myself reaching for blue jeans lately. I haven't purchased a pair of adult-sized blue jeans in ages, so I grabbed a few pairs from Rainbow the other day. This medium-wash pair has a slightly high waist and was only $20!

Coco Note: Yes, I usually buy my jeans in the kids section. Let me be great.

Since it was cooler out and the jeans had a higher waist than usual, I took the chance to wear this slightly cropped crewneck from H&M! The white cotton sweatshirt is so soft and comfortable , and features the words "Tres Mignon Paris" across the front. 

Coco Note: Tres means very in French, while Mignon can mean little or beautiful. Take your pick! ;)

For some color and to jazz up the outfit, I wore my new burgundy clutch that I got at Marshalls! The quilted pattern and gold chain add just the right amount of chic to the look and the cranberry color is perfect for the season. I also added a gold necklace that features medium-sized silver-green gems.

Another way to jazz up a casual outfit is a beatfacehoney! (Pun intended) Make up is definitely an accessory and can be used to turn a casual outfit into a more party-appropriate look!

Coco Note: Selfie. Game. Strong. 

Leave a comment or picture below letting me know what your go-to "Get Together" outfit is!

Top: H&M

Jeans: Rainbow

Booties: Madrag

Clutch: Marshalls

Necklace: Fashion To Figure

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