5 Things Every Chocolate Girl Needs to Know About #IvyPark

Beyonce's #IVYPARK collection with TopShop dropped last week and literally broke the internet. Luckily, I was able to go in-store and grab a few pieces. 

Coco Note: I was dedicated. Nothing was getting in the way of the opportunity to look and feel like the Queen!

The collection surprised me in many ways. To a certain extent, it definitely wasn't what I was expecting. After reading an article by one of my favorite fashion journalists and Senior Editor of Elle.com. Nikki Ogunnaike, about what Ivy Park looks like on real women, I was inspired to write about what Ivy Park means to chocolate women. Here are the 5 things I think every chocolate girl needs to know about the line. 

1. Fit

You may have heard other brands claiming to have form-fitting clothing, but you ain't seen nothing yet. 

Not only is this line form-fitting, it's also structured to lift and cinch every part of your body. As a woman, whether you're on the track or not, exercising or running errands, it's great to have extra help in the lifting and cinching departments. It is especially important to note that although the items are fitting, they are not constricting.

2. Sizing

I've heard a lot of people complain about the sizing of this line. My suggestion: If you can, go in-store and try it on. I truly believe that this collection is curvy-girl friendly, which means you might just be a small in the tops and a large in the bottoms. You might also be 2 sizes smaller than you thought you were. 

Coco Note: I got the black bodysuit in an XS, which I thought would be impossible! It fits perfectly.


3. Price

With the Ivy Park collection, you're really getting what you paid for. The prices are competitive and comparable to activewear lines like Victoria's Secret PINK, Adidas, Nike and LuluLemon. The leggings are thick but not uncomfortable, the tops are breathable and quick-drying and the sweats are on live-in status. Amen.

4. Aesthetics & Ease

One of my favorite things about this collection is although the items are technically advanced, they are all pretty simple. The pieces fall into the new category of clothing, athleisure (or activewear), which basically means it's great for going to the gym and for pretending you're going to the gym. 

When it comes down to getting dressed for the gym or for errands, we all want the same thing: simple pieces that fit well, look great and can all be paired together. You can switch and swap pieces of the collection to create full outfits. Even the printed pieces can be paired together or with solids to create a match made in heaven.

5. Availability

I purchased my Ivy Park collection pieces in the TopShop section at Nordstrom, which was extremely limited. There were approximately 15-20 different pieces, many of them just the same piece in different colors. TopShop has a huge selection of pieces on their website and (if you're lucky), in-store. There are items available on the TopShop website

We love Beyonce for her consistency and her consistent slay on the stage and on the red carpet. This new venture is no different. Ivy Park definitely slays. 

If you missed this launch, don't fret my friend. Ivy Park is scheduled to release more items on May 1st!

Links to all of the pieces I purchased can be found here.

Check out my #IvyPark Lookbook Video: