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My Lenten Sacrifice: Giving Up Good

While most of us were still experiencing the after-effects of the deliciousness that is Fat Tuesday, last Wednesday marked the beginning of the 40-day Catholic season of Lent. Ash Wednesday, also known as National 'What In The World Am I Going To Give Up For Lent?!' Day is a day of fasting and abstinence when Catholics around the world attend a mass to receive a cross of ashes drawn on their foreheads or sprinkled on their heads.

While the tradition is a bit reminiscent of that scene in The Lion King where Rafiki "blesses" Simba, it represents a reminder of our mortality and the need to repent before the Second Coming. On Ash Wednesday, Catholics declare their Lenten Sacrifice, something they have chosen to give up in the hopes of becoming a better person.  "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel." 

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New Year, New Me? | The New New Year

Let's take a quick break from all the physical fabulosity and focus on our inner Gawd/Gawdess for a second.

It's the New Year, which for a lot of people, means you get a new lease on life. We make resolutions, set goals for ourselves and make proclamations and declarations about the rest of our lives. It's time for the New Year, New Me posts!

You know what's more annoying than those posts? The people knocking them down. Maybe you should try becoming a "New You," because this current you ain't right. 

Coco Quote: "Flowers don't grow in shade. "

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